Fort- und Weiterbildungsangebot (SoSe 2020) – Nachfrist

Fort- und Weiterbildungsangebot SoSe 2020

ONLINE-Nachmeldefrist: 27. Jänner bis 9. Februar 2020

HSG Freizeitpädagogik

Hochschullehrgang für Freizeitpädagogik

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Die PH Wien auf der BeSt3

5. bis 8. März 2020

PH.ON.Wien - Podcast

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Tag der Elementarbildung

Tag der Elementarbildung

24. Jänner 2020

Ball der Wissenschaften

6. Wiener Ball der Wissenschaften

25. Jänner 2020, Wiener Rathaus

Bildungsstandards-Tag 2020

Bildungsstandards-Tag 2020

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Lehramt Sekundarstufe Berufsbildung

Lehramt Sekundarstufe Berufsbildung

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11th Biennial English Teachers´ Day at PH Wien

The 11th Biennial English Teachers’ Day took place on 5 December 2018. This one-day conference is one of the main events in the English language teaching calendar in Austria and offers a varied programme of practical professional development workshops focusing on a wide range of TEFL topics.

Ansprache VR Dr. Thomas Strasser 
Words of welcome by Vice Rector Dr. Thomas Strasser

300 English teachers from all types of secondary schools could choose from a selection of 37 workshops that dealt with topic areas such as digital technology, creativity in language learning, innovative teaching methods, and cultural aspects. The focus of the conference was to host practical presentations which can help to enhance classroom experiences and aid teachers’ understanding of new developments in English LanguageTeaching.

David Farmer: Shakespeare in Action 
David Farmer: Shakespeare in Action

Lord Humphrey Trumpbottom and his faithful butler Scratchit 
Lord Humphrey Trumpbottom, his faithful butler Scratchit and Silvia Jindra

Meg Searle: Big drama in the small classroom 
Meg Searle: Big drama in the small classroom

Uwe Pohl: Making group energy work for you  
Uwe Pohl: Making group energy work for you

In his keynote speech, Key technologies that are impacting on teaching and learning, Russell Stannard, the founder of  and a NILE affiliate trainer, focused on one of the most popular technologies being used in education. Screen capture technology is being used everywhere in education including in the production of blended, flipped and fully online learning. However in this talk, Russell opened up a whole realm of other uses including in the development of fluency, feedback, reflection and assessment.

Russell Stannard, keynote speech 
Russell Stannard
The exhibition hall hosted stands of the British Council, the Canadian and Australian Embassies and presentation stands of language course providers as well as stands of publishers to showcase ELT publications for conference participants.

The 11th Biennial English Teachers’ Day provided an excellent networking opportunity for participants, not only with other teachers but also with speakers, publishers and others at the cutting edge of English language teaching. It represented an ideal day for new inspiration and motivation to trigger innovative teaching approaches.

v.l.n.r.: IL Ira Werbowsky, LSI Traude Mori, Elisabeth Paulhart, Martin Gilbert (British Council), Russell Stannard, Denise St. John, Silvia Jindra, Katrin Nuredini, Claudia Tangl, Deborah Burger (Europa Büro)


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