8th Annual English Teachers‘ Day

The eighth English Teachers’ Day for secondary school teachers at the PH Wien took place on 3 December 2014.

230 English teachers from all types of secondary schools were able to choose from a selection of 30 workshops that dealt with a range of TEFL aspects. These included new technologies, competence-oriented instruction, innovative methods, Austria-specific aspects, Scottish dancing and topics related to the Matura.

In his plenary keynote speech, “How To Teach Speaking“, Scott Thornbury, series editor of the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers, underlined the point that spoken fluency is not the product of a vast accumulation of grammatical structures and vocabulary, but that, in fact, it is achievable with relatively limited linguistic means, and that these linguistic means include a store of memorized ‘chunks’. He also made the point that factors such as accent, gesture and idiomatic language use can compensate for reduced language proficiency when it comes to appearing fluent. Slides from the talk can be found at http://www.scottthornbury.com/talks.html


v.l.n.r. VR Barbara Huemer, LSI Waltraud Mori, FI Susanne Bartakovits, Scott Tornbury, IL Ira Werbovsky, Silvia Jindra

Jack Scholes   Jamie Keddie   David Vivanco

Jack Scholes                                                      Jamie Keddie                                                                   David Vivanco

Book exhibitions of various publishers and presentation tables of language course providers as well as the American Reference Centre, the Canadian Embassy, and TEA (Teachers of English in Austria) rounded off the programme.

Silvia Jindra

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