Erasmus+ Staff Training at the Universidad de Málaga/UMA

Who thinks that the operation of Spanish universities completely lacks in transparency or system, would definitely change their mind when visiting the University of Málaga. I had the opportunity of visiting the International Office there and talking to different staff members.

I was welcomed in an air-conditioned room and was subsequently briefed about various figures and facts concerning the UMA. I had the chance to ask questions and exchange views regarding different work processes. This is of great benefit, especially for those who work in an International Office – just as I do. I – the supervisor of the Outgoing Students at the University College of Teacher Education Vienna – find it crucial that students are sufficiently prepared for their Erasmus+ semester abroad. Talking face to face to people whom one already knows via E-mail – which is to a large extent still anonymous – is infinitely valuable for one’s everyday work.

I have also visited the “Facultad de Ciencias da la Educación“, which further provided me with valuable tips as regards the current range of courses in English for my future outgoing students who are interested in Málaga. Finding said information on the official homepage of the respective university usually takes either a lot of time or is simply not possible – which is usually the case with Spanish Universities.

It is commonly known that people of Southern European countries don’t speak English very well. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the efforts of the UMA to catch up in this field.

All of our discussions were highly informative. We compared, for example, the selection procedures of Erasmus+ students. Further, I also got some advice and many tips on what to see in the city of Málaga. One shouldn’t miss the city centre with its small alleys and little shops, the Picasso Museum, the cathedral, the haven with its picturesque promenade etc. I was staying outside the city but I didn’t mind the ride to get to the UMA since I could enjoy a splendid view of the sea from my apartment as well as Guadalmar Beach.

To conclude, Málaga is really worth a visit, be it a business or personal trip. I managed to establish new contacts, to get to know interesting people and to think outside the box as an employee of the University College of Teacher Education Vienna – that is an experience that I don’t want to miss.

Dipl.-Päd. Sylvia Schulz


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