Christian Aspalter at the Moscow Pedagogical State University

I visited the Moscow Pedagogical State University (MPGU) from the 29th October – 2nd November 2018, in order to perform a guest teaching assignment of teaching 8 lessons per week in the field of didactics and methodology of teaching. The assignment was handled by the International Offices at the University College of Teacher Education Vienna and the MPGU.

Moscow Pedagogical State University

Together with my Russian colleague Andrey Glazov, I introduced microteaching sequences to the future German teachers in the first seminar. The other seminars dealt, among other things, with digital tools for teaching German as a foreign language, Ernst Jandl and the possibilities of teaching grammar and creative writing with his texts in an entangled form. Last but not least, the phenomenon of intertextuality of the multi-layered literary work by H. C. Artmann “Abenteuer eines Weichenstellers” was discussed. The text analysis was framed by reading didactics, which allowed me to watch a literature research in connection with a “Reciprocal Reading” for the first time. Apart from visit to the International Office at the MPGU, I met the Head of the Institute for Foreign Languages, Prof. Sergey Alexeevich Zasorin the other day. He even took the time to accompany me to a lesson. Furthermore, we exchange views on the possibilities of intensifying relationships between the MPGU and the University College of Teacher Education Vienna.


To conclude, I’d like to say a big thank you to all involved, especially in the organizational and collegial areas, for their support in the course of this very enriching experience abroad.

Mag. Dr. Christian Aspalter

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