"Teaching in a 21st Century School” Funchal

Since most of my courses at the PH Wien have to do with information technology and the developments in this field are very dynamic, I was interested in the Erasmus+ course "Teaching in a 21st Century School". After a very good consultation with the International Office of PH Vienna, I decided to take a course offered by the Portuguese provider http://www.21knowledge.pt/ in Funchal.

The study trip lasted from 10.02.2019 to 15.02.2019. It was very advisable to arrive one day before the start of the course in order to also explore the surrounding area. The organizer suggested a hotel near the seminar location.
The field of participants consisted of 16 people from Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Lithuania and Austria. This led to a lively exchange of views on the various educational approaches and innovations.
An intensive international week began for all course participants. The programme was structured in modules and we received input on the following topics, among others:

Scientix - supporting innovation in STEM education

A School in an age of Robots

Apps for teaching in a 21st Century School


Integrating arts at school - from STEM to STEAM

Also very interesting about this program was that we were able to visit two schools on site and the students and teachers presented their innovative projects and teaching methods.
We visited a large all-day school in Funchal and a small country school. In both schools innovative projects on Robotics and Coding were shown.


It was a very productive and insightful week for me, which definitely helped me to prepare very well for my future courses.

Mag. Rainer Baier

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