A report on my Erasmus+ stay in Prague, Czech Republic

I travelled from the Vienna central train station to Prague on Sunday, the 7th of April 2019. The journey was pleasant, even despite the Vienna City Marathon which made the drive to the train station a bit complicated. After my check-in at hotel in Prague I had some time left to orient myself in the city.
I got to the Pedagogical Faculty of the Charles University on Monday, the 8th of April 2019. This very welcoming building is located right in the city centre. I visited the International Office, brought greetings from our International Office and reported on activities of the University College of Teacher Education Vienna. My Prague colleagues provided me with an overview of the education and training in Prague.
Afterwards, I met Dr. Jana Kepartova who had organized my stay in the city. We discussed my teaching methods and she informed me about the publications and methodical approach of the Pedagogical Faculty.



On Tuesday, the 9th of April 2019, I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Petr Koura and Dr. Jiri Pokorny, both historians and education experts at the Charles University. They provided me with a comprehensive insight into their way of working with students, we exchanged opinions on topics, linguistic possibilities and methods.
In the evening of the same day, Dr. Koura and I gave a lecture on “Austria – 100 Years of the Republic” for approx. 70 students in a large lecture hall. During the lecture, we faced some linguistic challenges – we gave the lecture both in German and English. The lecture took about 3 hours and I am happy to say that students were interested in it and asked questions afterwards (in German, English and Czech). The session ended with an inspiring expert discussion.
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (10th-12th of April), I had the opportunity to give seminars in situ together with Dr. Pokorny. He showed me sites and museums of historical significance, I visited various monuments together with students (e.g. a pink tank, redyed by the performance artist Cerny).

To sum it up, this stay represents a huge contribution to my professionalization, it showed me various methods used by other faculties and got me into contact with teachers and organisers at the Pedagogical Faculty of the Charles University.

I returned to Vienna on the 13th of April 2019. 

Mag. Dagmar Schulz, BEd.

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