Delegation from South Korea

This summer the PH Wien welcomed guests from South Korea. The eight participants - primary school teachers, headmasters and headmistresses - were interested in teacher training for primary education.

After the reception at the International office, the guests were taken on a tour of the PH Wien. The curriculum for the primary department and the new teacher education (Pädagoginnenbildung NEU) was presented to them.

  Guest from Korea, Mag. Susanne Martich, Dr. Thomas Bauer                                 The guests from Korea in the seminar room

Over the course of the following discussion, the questions put forward by the guests were answered at length. The participants drew comparisons with the Korean national curriculum.

The feedback we received from our guests was very positive and friendly.

Dr. Thomas Bauer
Mag. Birgit Höfler
Mag. Susanne Martich

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