Erasmus+ Staff Training – Melilla, Spain, North Africa

From Nov 7th to Nov. 13th 2014, I visited the Spanish exclave of Melilla at the Maroccan Mediterranean coast. My journey was very impressive and informative.

The aim of my stay was the strengthening of our cooperation with the University for Education and Human Sciences Melilla – a branch of the University Grenada. Another goal was the exchange of experiences concerning student and staff mobility.

My colleagues at Melilla gave me a hearty welcome. During a tour of the university campus I gained insights into the universities international activities. Due to the fact that - compared to the PH Wien - the University Melilla is very small, the atmosphere was informal.

I was the first visitor from a European country other than Spain for quite some time. So there was plenty to discuss. Apart from our daily talks about student and staff mobility and the Erasmus+ program in general, my hosts told me a lot about their country, its culture and its people.

Two outgoing students at the PH Wien are planning to spend a semester in Melilla. I gathered information about study plans, student accommodations, costs of living and the political situation. Moreover I informed myself about potential language barriers and other barries which might cause difficulties for international students.

Altogether it was a very informative stay.

Holger Winkelmaier


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