ERASMUS+ visit in Usti nad Labem/CZ

In April 2015 I spent a week at the Jan Evangelista Purkyne University in Usti nad Labem/Czech Republic.
I was heartily welcomed by my dear colleague Dr. Vladislava Hermanova, who I have known for many years, and by her students.

With Dr. Vladislava Hermanova                                                                        The science laboratory at the Jan Evangelista purkyne University

The lectures on

·         The actual problems of Teacher Training in Austria and the Concept of Teacher Profession

·         Research and development at the department for Teacher Trainings at Science Education

·         Science Teaching. Innovations at Inquiry Based Science Education at school practice

were followed with great interest, as well as the workshop “Experiments on Air".

In addition to my own activities I attended the “Tag der Schulen/Day of Schools” on April 22nd. The university provided programmes for pupils, focusing on the secondary level. I was personally fascinated by the science workshops and by the pupils involved.

We were also discussing and planning further joint projects. Dr.Vladsilava Hermanova is going to visit Vienna and the PH Wien soon and I am looking forward to continuing our intensive cooperation.

Ingrid Hantschk

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