Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility at the Humboldt University in Berlin

Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility at the Humboldt University in Berlin
4 May – 7 May, 2015
A report by HS-Prof. Mag. Dr. Heribert Schopf

Inspired and motivated by a presentation given by the Head of the International Office, Dr. Thomas Bauer, last autumn, I decided to take part in the Erasmus+ Teaching Staff Mobility Programme.
My decision fell on the Humboldt University in Berlin, one of the leading universities in the field of educational science.
I chose the topic "Theoretical Empiricism” for my guest lectures at the department for “Methodical Didactics”. It is a newly developed approach that tries to find feasible ways between theory and empiricism in education and goes back to Georg Breidenstein.
The topic was intensively discussed with Dr. Thomas Koinzer and Dr. Heike Schaumburg, who represented their university department. It was exciting and productive to find out how our differing works are linked in numerous ways.
The topicality of classroom research, whether qualitative, quantitative or systematically normative, raises more questions than answers. That is why it makes sense to discuss different methodological approaches. The debates can provide practical know-how as well as generate reflective knowledge and form the basis for an ongoing productive and constructive scientific argument.
The feedback to the lectures was very positive, the collegial exchange of knowledge appreciative and esteeming.
I gained a lot from my visit. It has enriched and inspired my work. I can highly recommend to take part in the Erasmus+ Mobility Programme.

I am ready for another visit.

Heribert Schopf

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