Erasmus+ stay at PH Freiburg

From May 11th until May 15th I had the chance to visit PH Freiburg in the context of the Erasmus+ Mobility Programme.

The communication - facilitated by Mag. Höfler - with Mr. Lebfromm from the department of International Affairs was fast and uncomplicated, both by email and telephone.

We quickly had a suitable programme compiled for my visit. I spent part of my trip getting to know PH Freiburg’s Centre for Writing as also at PH Wien one is soon to be established.  Mr. Bräuer, head of the Centre for Writing, was immediately willing to support me during my stay. The second part consisted of my active participation in two of Dr. Kotthoff’s (Institue of Comparative Educational Research) seminars (“Educational monitoring evaluation” and “Education system in Germany” for Erasmus+ students).

I spent the 12th of May in the Centre for Writing with Mr. Bräuer who provided me with a lot of information concerning necessary facilities and the program for students offered by the centre. In the afternoon I had the chance to attend a conference where the participation of students at an international conference in Hamburg in September was discussed (I think it is great that students have this opportunity).

The following day I attended Dr. Kotthoff’s seminars where I spoke about the Austrian education system, teacher training, education standards and multilingualism at Viennese schools. In the afternoon a workshop about “types of writing” and “formulating a research question” took place in the Centre for Writing. This workshop was the first of a series of activities aimed at supporting students with scientific writing. I was also able to speak with deputy principal Dr. Huneke about the differences and similarities concerning teacher training in Austria and Baden-Württemberg, the new curriculum for primary education at PH Wien and the cooperation between PH Freiburg and the University of Freiburg in the field of teacher training for secondary education.

I had a great time in Freiburg.

Susanne Martich

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