Staff Mobility at PH Zug/Swiss European-Mobility Programme

Correct! Currently Switzerland is not part of the Erasmus+ programme. However, the Swiss would be happy if more international students, including Austrians, came to PH Zug to study abroad. Because of the Swiss-European Mobility Programme I had the chance to be part of the PH for two days.

With about 300 students and 130 employees PH Zug is a small school with a personal, friendly feel. All students are excellently taken care of, and so are guests. The entire trip was well organized and there were no complications at all.


On my first day I met the representative of the International Office, Patrick Pfeuffer. I was nicely surprised that he personally picked me up from the train station and showed me several highlights of the city on our way to the school. I can well imagine what a pleasure it must be for international students to be able to study in such an idyllic place. The college is located on top of a hill with a panoramic view of Lake Zug and the surrounding mountains, amid St. Michael church and an old convent.

A swim in the lake almost seems to be part of the school’s curriculum, which is actually created together with the international students. As there are only two to three internationals at the moment they are well-known by the entire institution.

I was taken on a tour of the whole PH and got a first overview of the courses offered as well as the differences to the Austrian education system.

On the second day I was invited to talk about the similarities and differences of both our International Offices with Mr. Pfeuffer and his colleague Stefanie Haussener. We exchanged ideas and discussed work processes and possible linkages and networks. After excellent lunch in the cafeteria and coffee on the school’s terrace with a lake view I received a private tour through the nearby convent, which serves as a fair priced accommodation option for international students. A usual private room in Zug costs about 600-900 Swiss Francs while a room in the monastery costs 450 Euros per month.


Intimate. Hospitable. Idyllic. I believe these three words describe PH Zug best.

Kristina Gugerbauer

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