Staff Mobility at PH Luzern/Swiss-European-Mobility Programme

With more than 1500 students, the PH Luzern is one of the largest universities of teacher education in Switzerland.
The 11 campus locations are of various architectural styles.
Centrally located next to Lucerne’s main station, the UNI/PH building impresses with modern functionalism and spaciousness. The lounges and workspaces for students are well equipped and of an appealing design.

UNI/PH building                                                                                                                                                                                        Students' lounge
Some faculties are located in the historic armoury from the 16th century. An exceptionally charming building is the Villa Bellerive, which hosts the subject areas Art, Music and Technical Design. Built in 1889, the neo-renaissance style building is surrounded by a large park overlooking Lake Lucerne.

Villa Bellerive                                                                                                                                                                          At the international office                                                        
I was heartily welcomed at the international office, which is located on the bank of the River Reuss. The interior of the 1930s building (formerly a department store) has been completely modernized and adapted.

An interesting programme had been compiled for my visit:

-       Job-shadowing at the international office

-       The Swiss education system

-       Fields of study at the PH Luzern

-       Incoming students

-       Outgoing students

-       Campus PH Luzern

-       School practice for students at the PH Luzern

I would like to thank Dilini Jeanneret, Therese Salvisberg, Andra Sander, Marco Wyss and Beat Nuff for their hospitality and support during my visit. I was able to gain a lot of insight and hope that some of our students will choose beautiful Lucerne for their semester abroad.

Maria Krebs

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