Staff Exchange at PH Zurich/Swiss-European Mobility Programme

Supported by the Swiss –European Mobility Programme I had the opportunity to visit the PH Zurich from 10th Nov. to 13th Nov. 2015. My visit had been organised by Birgit Höfler/International Office at PH Wien and by Frederike Hoch/International Office at PH Zurich. The comprehensive and exciting programme for my visit was coordinated by Niels Anderegg (Pro-rector/further education and research in the fields of management and leadership).

The very impressive and modern PH Zurich is in the centre of the city. More than 4.000 students study there. On my arrival I was welcomed by Niels Anderegg. During a tour of the campus I got to see the library with its bright rooms and modern equipment, the large auditorium and the seminar rooms.

I especially liked the so-called “Dozenten Lounge“ with its wonderful view over the city of Zurich. Lecturers use it for informal meetings.

                                                                                                                         The "Dozenten Lounge“
My programme included:

-          Exchange of experience with Susanne Abegg from the Institute for Further Education on the subjects of career start, mentoring   
           and further education.

-          Exchange of experience with Dagmar Engfer, who is a coach and lecturer at the Centre for Didactics in Higher Education.

-          Exchange of knowledge and experience with Niels Anderegg, who is currently involved in a “mentoring project for head teachers”
           in the Canton of Zurich.

-          Discussion with a student who is writing her master thesis on the subject of mentoring.

-          Visit of the PH Zug where I attended an advanced training seminar on the subject of career start in primary schools.


The highlight of my visit was my participation in the conference on the topic of “Mentoring in Education – The tension between individuals and institutions”. I got the opportunity to talk to Geri Thoman, who is an expert on mentoring, coaching and leadership.

Geri Thoman

I would like to thank Niels Anderegg, Dagmar Engfer, Susanne Abegg, Geri Thoman and Frederike Hoch for the organisation of my visit and their support during my stay.

It was an exciting and transcultural exchange of experience and knowledge.

Suanne Steinbach, MSc

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