Staff Mobility/Swiss-European-Mobility-Project/November 2015

Zurich is a beautiful city located between the Uetliberg and the Lake Zurich that combines urban ambience with rural feel. It offers a wide range of cultural activities and is therefore a great place for young people. It furthermore offers a varied and large number of courses for exchange students. Although living expenses are very high, there are numerous discounts available for students throughout the city and at the PH itself. In Zurich quality has priority!

Popular  meeting point: Lake Zurich

The organization of my visit at PH Zurich ran very smoothly and I was warmly welcomed and well supported by all staff members.

My schedule:

·      PH Zurich tour

·      Attendance of information event for outgoings

·      Participation in “University Day“: interesting lectures, panel discussion with experts that demonstrated the resemblance of problems with the education of young students in Austria and Switzerland

·      Teaching Practice: visit of primary school with 12 year-olds at the outskirts of Zurich where a Chinese student presented her home country during an English lesson

One day of my trip I spent at PH Zug. There as well I was warmly welcomed and well supported by the team. As opposed to Zurich, Zug is a very rural and idyllic town with a rather small PH. Therefore, the exchange students are mostly from German speaking countries. Similar to PH Wien, the range of courses in English has yet to be developed. This exchange destination is perfect for students looking for peace and quiet.

                                                                                                                          An idyllic place: Lake Zug

In conclusion, I can say that my exchange visit in Switzerland was a complete success. I was able to draw comparisons and take many new ideas home with me. Therefore, I would like to thank everybody who supported me: Friederike Hoch, Barbara Nafzger, Christine Moser (PHZ), Patrick Pfeuffer (PH Zug) und last but not least my colleague Mag. Birgit Höfler who was responsible for all administrative matters at PH Wien.

Sylvia Schulz

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