Eramus+ Staff Training Mobility – Trondheim/Norway

After a rather pleasant journey via Amsterdam I met with Marit Sandtro, the university’s Institutional Coordinator and Margret Hovland, the Faculty of Education’s Institutional Coordinator. Mrs. Sandtro told me a bit about Norway in general, their university system and the organisation of HIST specifically. As of January 1, 2016 HIST will be merged with three other universities, including the famous NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology). For the time being, this merger does not have any consequences for our bilateral agreement. However, changes in the future cannot be ruled out completely. On the next day, I met with our Erasmus+ outgoing students, Theresa Kretz and Theresa Steiner whose feedback about HIST’s course offer was very helpful.

Around noon I visited the secondary school Rosenborg Ungdomsskole. The modern building is relatively new with huge glass fronts and spacious student rooms. I was impressed to see that all teachers have their own working space and laptop in addition to a huge and comfortable common room. Also in terms of quality of education, the school has a lot to offer. I attended a very interactive and creative German lesson. In addition,  I had the chance to exchange experiences and views with two of the school’s teachers, Mrs. Silja König form Germany and Mrs. Tone Stavli from Norway; amongst other topics we discussed the German, Norwegian and Austrian school systems and drew comparisons. In Norway all students (grade one to ten) go to the same type of school.

©  Rosenborg Ungdomsskole – Secondary Education

On my last day I visited the International Office and got to know the local campus. The discussions with the International Office staff about improvements of the English course offer and the communication with Erasmus+ students before the start of their exchange semester were very productive.

Mrs. Anne-Lise Heide, a music teacher who is also an Erasmus+ student advisor will visit the PH Wien in April 2016 as an Erasmus+ exchange teacher. I could also convince Mrs. Bente Fossvold from the Arts and Crafts department to visit our institution.

Altogether the mobility and especially the exchange with the Norwegian colleagues was a success on both sides. At the end of the trip Margret Hovland and I watched a performance of Händel’s “Messiah” at the famous Nidaros Cathedral.

Mag. Birgit Höfler

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