Teaching Staff Mobility at PH Luzern

While I was working on the development of learning environments at the PH Wien (always looking for new ideas and inputs), I discovered that the PH Luzern places an emphasis on the specific subject of learning environments.
Through the Swiss-European Mobility Program I seized the opportunity to take a closer look at these learning environments. Moreover I was looking forward to exchanging knowledge with the responsible tutors.

The Lernlabor Luzern (Learning Lab) is led by Dr Markus Wilhelm. It is a scientific learning workshop for both school classes and teachers. It has been in successful operation since 2011. The lab provides pupils with an insight into professional laboratory work, thus promoting the children’s interest in science.


During my visit I witnessed the work of a school class in the learning lab. I also got to know the many and varied topics and materials used at the lab. Dr.Wilhelm explained the concept of the lab and we compared it to the “Forscher/innenwerkstatt” at the PH Wien.

The concept for the Lernwerkstatt von Luzern (Learning Workshop) is a different one. Tutors and students of several departments develop and draw up plans for the upcoming term. The topics cover a great variety of aspects from various specific subject areas.
Currently the topic is "Schule im Nationalsozialismus" planned and coordinated by the Centre for History Teaching. Previous topics included the subject areas Biology, Maths or Art. I had an interesting and informative conversation with Dr. Susanne Wildhirt, one of the coordinators of the workshop.

I also had the opportunity to exchange information and experiences with Dr. Buholzer, head of the institute for research. I can really say that my visit has provided me with valuable input for my work and for the development of learning environments at the PH Wien.

The International Office Luzern had kindly prepared a programme for my visit. It also included a tour of the city and an invitation to lunch.
The PH Luzern has several locations distributed across the city. By visiting most of them I got to know Luzern quite well. It is a lovely city in central Switzerland on the shores of Lake Lucerne.
The beautiful city is definitely worth a visit!


Dr. Barbara HOLUB barbara.holub@phwien.ac.at
Regionales Kompetenzzentrum Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik (IBS/RECC)

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