Staff Mobility at PH Zurich

On January 21, 2016 I was able to participate in PH Zurich’s “Day of Innovation“, an internal information day revolving around the theme “ideas.innovations.incentives”. Fifty different exhibitors from all of PH Zurich’s departments presented their work on 1,250 square meters. In addition, “barcamps” (an open conference with equal contribution rights for all participants) and “world cafés” (another interactive workshop method) provided the opportunity to share knowledge.

Through numerous talks with staff members from different departments I gained a lot of insight into the various working areas of the institution. The conversations with the team of the media education department were especially interesting.

The booth of the International Office was well frequented. I met the head of the office, Friedericke Hoch as well as students from California and Austria.

A staff member of the library explained the procedure of the rental service and the team of the business applications and information service department already told me a bit about their field of activity.

At the end of the day I also received information about the institution’s dance programs and their importance at PH Zurich. Furthermore, I was able to talk to the principal, Prof. Dr. Heinz Rhyn.

On the second day the focus of my training was on Intranet and Sharepoint. The head of the department of business applications, Daniel Thalmann and his team took a lot of time to introduce me to their systems in detail. Because of the friendly and competent support of the team I was able to get helpful advice for my work at PH Wien. During lunch break we had the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge about different topics concerning Switzerland and Austria.

Intranet/PH Zurich (Sharepoint)                                                                          Details/Sharepoint

Altogether, the trip and particularly the exchange with the team of the business applications department provided valuable input for future work projects.

Christian Gatterer

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