Staff Mobility University of Gothenburg/Sweden

The Erasmus + stay at Gothenburg University allowed me to lead numerous stimulating and thoughtful expert discussions with both staff from the Faculty of Education as well as with employees from central administration. Course participation was also part of the programme.

In the first meeting with the Erasmus+ Coordinator at the pedagogical faculty I was given an initial overview of the structure of the University of Gothenburg and specifically of the faculty of education.

The buildings, administration and lecture rooms were visited as part of the tour. The clear establishment of communal social areas, for students and staff alike, throughout all facilities was particularly impressive.

The following topics were at the forefront of further expert discussions:

Internal advanced education and training

During my stay, I had several opportunities to exchange views on internal qualifications, staff development and training concepts.

The mandatory three-stage course system for employees of the University of Gothenburg was of particular interest:

1.       General Introduction to University Teaching

2.       Faculty and department specific constructive alignment

3.       Applied Analysis – self-reflective analysis of teaching / supervision / reflection on own teaching methods / Report

Further topics included:

-       Digital written examinations (piloting of a test software for written papers)

-       Classrooms for active Learning

-       Teachers Guide

-       Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

Corporate Design / Public Relations / Internal Communication

Numerous meetings with employees, on both a faculty and administrative level, contributed to valuable input on the following subjects:

-       Formulation and implementation of a Communication Strategy

-       Systems for newsletter creation(Ungapped,Apsys)

-       Embed newsletters / newspaper articles in websites (Retriever Publishing)

-       Social Media Strategy (Instagramm, Facebook)

-       Online videos as part of the communication strategy (videos for incoming students, video dissemination of research results)

-       Auto-generated style sheets for individual organizational units

-       Internal communication via an institutional newspaper

-       Implementation of CI, impulses for the graphic design of print and online products

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