Visit to the Pedagogical University of Cracow/Poland

Lecturer mobility took place during the period of the 18th – 22nd April 2016 following earlier detailed arrangements with the Professor of Geography, Dr. Wiktor Osuch at the Pädagogischen Universität Krakau and it was not the first visit there.

Prior to the visit lecturers had expressed particular interest in the subject areas of ´Skills in Geography and economic education`, ´New student-focused communication methods´ and ´Subject-didactic implications of economic education´. Therefore, seminars for Bachelor and Master students followed by workshops were developed and organised for each of these subject areas.

The feedback on the content and innovative methods of LV from the overwhelmingly female students was very positive. On the one hand, it was interesting for them to learn not just the theory, but to experience putting the theory into practice. On the other hand, they did need a certain amount of time to adapt to the new way of thinking.

Furthermore, visitors discussed the new methods of publication of consumer research and education with the host, Prof. Dr. Wiktor Osuch. They explored the topic of future co-operation in the field of socio-economic education as a counter balance to mere economic orientation as well as the fact that many lecturers in South Poland criticise ´Entrepreneurship Education´. Both fields, namely the content of lectures and discussions about socio-economic education are of great benefit to the region of South Poland. The findings and the Austrian position in the discussion are directly applicable to teacher-focussed training at the Pädagogischen Universität Krakau. Furthermore, this transferred knowledge can be applied to teacher-focussed education in South Poland, which, in the field of Geography economic education, is essentially conducted and shaped by Prof. Dr. Wiktor Osuch.

Dr. Christian Fridrich

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