Teaching Staff Mobility in Palma de Mallorca/Spain


During this mobility period there were lectures for students undertaking six semesters (Pedagogy) and two semesters (teaching training: primary education) on the topic ´Dyslexia in the English language´.

The principle aim of the lectures for students doing six semesters was to respond to questions relating to the Bachelor thesis and to explain many of the practical details.

The principle aim of the lectures for students doing two semesters was to present the problems faced by primary school teachers as well as to discuss possible ways to motivate the group of children, and above all personal approaches were reviewed on a one-to-one basis.

Contact with Prof. Quetgles, who consistently has a caring approach towards students from Vienna, could be intensified. Contact could be made with the faculty management. Prof. Quetgles´ visit to Vienna was discussed and aims were also outlined.

OstR. Prof. Dr. Renate Hofmann

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