Staff Mobility for Teaching in Patras, Greece from 24/10 – 02/11/2017

The staff mobility for teaching gave me the opportunity to deliver lectures about dyslexia at the University of Patras. Around 120 students, as well as the professors Dr. Dimakos, Dr. Tsesmeli and Dr. Fotopolous attended them. Students and professors used the interactive format of the lectures to share personal experience with dyslexic primary school children, which lead to lively and fruitful discussions.

In addition, personal approaches to the topic dyslexia were discussed in various one-to-one conversations.


In terms of networking, I was happy to intensify the cooperation between our two institutions, in particular by planning the next staff mobility to PH Wien by Prof. Fotopolous. As she found the Practical Studies Programme of our institution highly interesting in her last staff mobility to Vienna, she would like to observe student taught lessons in primary school again.

OstR. Prof. Dr. Renate Hoffmann


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