Teaching Staff Mobility in Flensburg: 06. 11. – 12. 11. 2017

Flensburg is situated on the Baltic Sea, in the middle of a beautiful landscape with green forests, white beaches, a lot of water and even more fresh air. The third largest city in Schleswig-Holstein reminds of its maritime history with small houses, streets, churches and museums. Many buildings and places share the eventful history of Flensburg.

The harbour of the historical seafarer- and port city of Flensburg is in the heart of the old town. Here you can observe the ships and hear the “Moin, Moin” of the fishermen. Unique art, entertaining culture, exciting museums and maritime flair near every street – this is how Flensburg can be introduced to its visitors.

Europe-University Flensburg

The „young“ University of Flensburg is the most northern university in Germany. It has emerged from the “Pedagogical University” (1946-1994). However, it belongs to the smaller universities with 5000 students and 400 staff members. Its green campus on the Flensburg fjords is right on the border of Denmark.
The faculties at the University of Flensburg include Humanities, Health- and Nutrition Science, Language, Culture and Media Science, Art, Textiles and Music, but also Education, Special Education, Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The focus is on the area of teacher education and the international management.

Everyone in the Erasmus office was very friendly and helpful. Teaching in different Masters courses was however a challenge. The students were very interested particularly in inclusion and transition. The meaning of interfaces for teachers and students also lead to interesting discussions.

Emil Nolde Museum Flensburg

Trips to Sylt and to the Nolde Museum in Seebüll completed my Erasmus stay. I would recommend this place to everyone!

Mag. Michaela Ziegler

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