Erasmus+/ Swiss-European Mobility (Zürich)


„A vibrant small city in the heart of Europe – by the Zurich Lake, between hills and close to the Swiss Alps. It offers many opportunities for cultural experience, sports activities and trips to the surrounding areas” – says the flyer for incoming students of the Zurich University of Teacher Education (PH Zürich), and the city couldn’t be described better.
I visited the International Office of the Zurich University of Teacher Education with the Erasmus / Swiss-European Mobility Programme.
Ms. Friederike Hoch and her team organised my visiting programme personally. I had the opportunity to get to know the PHZH and a small secondary school.
After I spent the first day at the International Office, I got to know two American students who agreed to visit some practice schools together with Christine Moser from the International Office and Carola Höntzsch (a mentor).
On the next day, Ms. Friederike Hoch, Head of the International Office took the whole day to show me around the PHZH and visit a secondary school. Physics and sports were on the timetable. I was especially impressed by the technical equipment of the classrooms with whiteboards and visualizers. On the last day I had a chance to listen to a presentation about the school system in Switzerland for primary education students of the University Bamberg.

School Milchbuck

School Milchbuck

Conclusion: the friendliness, openness and professionalism of the International Office of the PHZH made my visit in Zurich very enlightening and exciting. It even made me forget that it was raining constantly for three days! Thank you for that.

Dipl. Päd. Eva Smith


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