English language course in Barcelona

I was interested in an Erasmus + CLIL course in English, because in the future I’m going to teach in this language too. With the help of the International Office of the University College of Teacher Education Vienna, I made the decision to go to a course in the language school SpainBcn.com in Barcelona.

The study trip lasted from the 11th February until the 17th February 2018. I travelled one day before the course started to explore the surrounding area. My hotel was situated near the Ramblas and the next day I walked to the language school. When I got there at 9:30am it turned out that I am the only participant in this course.
Therefore a very intensive week started for me and my teacher, because the course was scheduled from 9.30am until 2:30pm with a short break. The American teacher was fantastic and he took my individual needs into consideration. I rehearsed a big part of my planned course with him. We focused on the necessary vocabulary for quality teaching.

It was a very productive week, even though it was exhausting due to the one-to-one situation. It helped me to prepare a lot for my future course.

Mag. Rainer Baier


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