University of Winchester - Erasmus+ Staff Mobility, 12-16 March 2018

The Unviersity of Winchester has 4 departments: Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Business, Law & Sport, Faculty of Education, Health & Social Care. Many administrative procedures are regulated across the faculties, for example degrees, finances and the student services centre. The student services centre was a very special place for me, because it is a central location for students with many areas including mental health, disabilities, financial help and a jobcenter. The fact that we do not have a center for mental health has surprised everyone.

The administrative offices of the Faculty of Education were separated from the rest of the university. All of the professors have their own office here. The room bookings and timetables are first organised internally within the faculty, then organised with the entire university.The timetable for students is fixed, therefore it is important that they do not have a time gap. Since university costs 9.000 pounds per year, time loss is a huge problem for students. So called exam boards are held every year, where they decide on the advancement of all students.

The premises of the university and the choice of study programmes are impressive. There are many cafés equipped with computers and study spaces. There is a big canteen, as well as a small Burgerjoint (organised by the students union) on the campus, two bars and a big lounge for the events of the students union. Since there are many students who live in student accommodation on the campus, there are many entertainment options provided. The organisation of all necessary work is well structured and seems to function excellently. Unfortunately it is also the case that only one person is responsible for an area, and this person can only be partially replaced in case of an issue. The division of education practice is similar to ours, but the students do not have a choice of the place for practice, they are assigned to one directly from the faculty.

I would have liked to spend more time at the university with this very friendly and attentive team and in this great building. Unfortunately I could only stay for 5 days.

Main entrance of the University of WinchesterOne of the study cafés of the university
Main entrance of the University of Winchester                                  One of the study cafés of the university

Lydia Stöckl

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