International Office

The team of the International Office manages and supports the international contacts of the University College of Teacher Education in Vienna. We are committed to strengthening the reputation of our university in the international academic network as well as to supporting the international initiatives of our academic staff. An important part of our work is to provide quality services to all participants in the acting exchange programmes, both students and academics.
Last but not least, we try to foster the establishment of all necessary measures that facilitate the creation of a European Higher Education Area consistent with the Bologna Process. We use the ECTS (European Credits Transfer and Accumulation System) system for all lectures of the initial teacher training courses. 


   Dr.Dr.h.c. Thomas BAUER
   Head of the International Office, ERASMUS+ Coordinator

   Telephone: +43 1 601 18-3860, Mobile: +43 664 833 29 61
   Room: 4.0.085

   Contact: thomas.bauer(at)

  Mag. Birgit HÖFLER, BEd.
  Deputy Head, Teachers and Staff Mobility

  Telephone: +43 1 601 18-3863
  Room: 4.0.084

  Contact: birgit.hoefler(at)

Maria Krebs   MMag. Esther DREXLER, BEd.
   ERASMUS+ Student mobility (graduates), Trainee Mobility, Homepage

   Telephone: +43 1 601 18-3867
   Room: 4.0.086

   Contact: esther.drexler(at)

   Dipl.-Päd. Mag. Nicoletta GLANZNER 
   ERASMUS+ Support Outgoing Students

   Telephone: +43 1 601 18-3865
   Room: 4.0.087

   Contact: nicoletta.glanzner(at)

Brigitte Roth  Mag. Brigitte ROTH
  ERASMUS+ Support Outgoing Students

  Telephone: +43 1 601 18-3861
  Room: 4.0.086

  Contact: brigitte.roth(at)

Sylvia Schulz  Mag. Valentina BENGESSER
  Departmental Coordinator, ERASMUS+ Support
  Outgoing Students, ECTS

  Telephone: +43 1 601 18-3865
  Room: 4.0.087

   Contact: valentina.bengesser(at)

   Dipl.-Päd. Eva SMITH, BEd.
   ERASMUS+ Support Incomings (EU countries)

   Telephone: +43 1 601 18-3862
   Room: 4.0.084

   Contact: eva.smith(at)

Holger Winkelmaier   Dipl.-Päd. Holger WINKELMAIER, BEd.
   ERASMUS+ Support Incomings (non EU countries)

   Telephone: +43 1 601 18-3862
   Room: 4.0.084

    Contact: holger.winkelmaier(at)

bearb Foto Andreas Feichtenschlager Andreas FEICHTENSCHLAGER-FEICHTENSCHLAGER
  Administrative Trainee

  Telephone: +43 1 601 18-3866
  Room: 4.0.086

  Contact: andreas.feichtenschlager(at)

  Sarah GROßESarah Große
  ERASMUS+ Assistant

  Telephone: +43 1 601 18-3868
  Room: 4.0.087

  Contact: sarah.grosse(at)



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